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"The Dance of the Virgin"

Winter of Love

Casa della Cultura, Villa De Sanctis, Rome

Curated by Mondo Pop gallery

December of 2012 / January of 2013


12 paintings: oil on canvas

2 sculptures: mixed media

“This body of work evolves as a visual poem, a love story between a little girl Salome who's prototype is the Biblical dancer, and the Deer King. They are both characters that have been haunting me for years, and a few of the paintings were started almost ten years ago. The deer’s name is Philanthropist. Because he keeps squandering his life forces to grow flowers from his body, for the nymphs to play with. And there was one named Salome for whom he gave his head as a toy, because she was so dear to him.

The Deer King character is based on someone I met ten years after inventing the character and his story.”

"Feels Like Love"


"The Deer King"

"Salome and the Deer King"

"Springtime for the Little Liar"

"Outgrowth of the Deer King"

"Taste of Snow"

"Eternal Love of Little Salome"

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"Birds of the Night"

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